Many people suffer various types of aftereffects and pain from asymmetry in backbone or scoliosis from bad postures in everyday life.

Bonebre helps users to have the right posture by preventing and correcting spinal deformity to induce the right posture as well as increase the muscular power in the abdomen.

Bonebre is a wearable device with facilitation, which uses is a physical therapeutic technique using vibration. Once the user wears it directly on the body, it will sense the imbalance in spinal joint and send a vibration to stimulate the spine and muscles people don’t use a lot in daily lives. That stimulation will assist in correcting the spinal posture and induce bilateral symmetric abdominal breathing with the breathing training function.


Importance of Upright Spinal Alignment and Bilateral Abdominal Breathing


Postures that cause the spinal imbalance: Are you in a right posture?

1. Posture when sitting at a desk, computer, or in a car for a long time
2. Leaning on one foot when standing
3. Turning the same direction every time you go through a door
4. Folding the same leg repeatedly when sitting in a chair
5. Folding two legs and putting out folded legs in the same direction when sitting on the floor
6. Playing one-sided sports that put more stress on one side than the other, such as golf, tennis, table tennis, or badminton
7. Working in a bad posture repeatedly
8. Pregnancy
9. Injury in an ankle
10. Carrying a bag or purse only on one side

Spinal asymmetry

Appearances when the body is bilaterally unsymmetrical

  1. Is your head straight up instead of tilted in one way?
  2. Are both sides of your shoulders at same width and height?
  3. Are both sides of your chest the same size and do both nipples at the same height?
  4. Do both sides of your ribs have the same height and width?
  5. Do both sides of your waist have the same height?
  6. Are the wrinkles under your buttocks at the same length and height?
  7. Are both sides of your buttocks the same size and balanced?

BONEBRE Product image


If you are not sitting in a right posture for an extended period of time, it imposes a severe strain on the spine, resulting in deformity of the spine or disrupting teenagers’ growth.

Also, most people do not realize what is a right posture for them, so they stay in a bad posture for a long time and suffer from back pain related to spinal deformity. Bonebre was developed to solve such problems by providing assistance in straightening out the spine and creating a symmetric body.

About Bonebre Technology

Breathing Pattern under Proper Spinal Alignment

When the spinal alignment is upright, the thoracic cage, which is connected to the spinal column, is extended vertically, horizontally, and in the anteroposterior direction.

Breathing Pattern under False Spinal Alignment

When the spinal column is falsely aligned, the movement of the thoracic cage, which is connected to the spinal column, is limited, so the desirable symmetric breathing does not occur.

This technique is about the spinal alignment to make correction of posture.

Sensors are attached bilaterally on each side of the user’s thoracic cage to detect the spinal alignment.

The spinal alignment could be identified with the sensor’s measurements in accordance with the bilateral abdominal breathing.

Corporation History

  • June, 2016 Changed the name to Bonebre Technology
  • April, 2016 Selected as the Sixth Youth Start-up by Small and medium
    Industry Promotion corporation
  • May, 2015 Selected as ‘Venture Business’ by Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund (Venture Certification No. 20150104892)
  • May, 2015 Selected as the Fifth Youth Start-up by Small and medium
    Industry Promotion corporation
  • January, 2015 Foundation of UJEWELRY (Corporate Registration No. 607-14-60204)
  • August 2014, selected as ‘Support Initial Commercialization’ of the Association of Korean Woman Venture Business

Exhibition participation record

  • Participated in IT EXPO BUSAN 2015
  • Participated in Tech in Asia 2016
  • Participated in INPEX 2016


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Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea

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Yeongdo-gu, Busan, Korea